Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

Today is Sunday! A storm is coming in. yet, the sun was shining when we left for church. I love the sunshine it fills my heart with warmth. Today is a beautiful day and Mom is being moved into another room. There is a feeling of hope and relief that she is doing well enough to be moved. Her blood level is still low and at 25. I thought for sure that they would have given her a transfusion by now. but, they want to wait until tomorrow. She will still be unable to get up without help and has to wear her braces- one on her right leg and her neck brace all of the time. She feels better each day and hopefully she will be coming home soon.
I feel so grateful to still have her in our life's and thank the Lord for keeping her here with us and on the mend. Even as the morning progressed and the storm came in I felt the peace that comes with knowing that we are love and our life's have purpose. As snow covered the ground and everything became covered with a layer of snow it reminded me of how beautiful our world is and how fast things can change. Tomorrow it will be melted and Spring will unfold as the grass grows greener and flowers begin to bloom. Life is forever changing and as it does my prayer is that we can gain strength and become stronger in our relationships in our love for each other and for all that our Father and Heaven has given us. I know that he loves each one of us individually and that he hears and answers prayers. I am grateful to know that I can depend on his comfort and love as we go through all that we have and will go through in our lives. Trust in him and learn to listen as he leads, guides and lifts us each and everyday. Believe!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alyssa has pneumonia

Alyssa kept Lindsey up all night with a temp of 104. Saturday she had a shot for croup and today it has turned into pneumonia. She is still home on medication. and we will be watching her very Carefully. Its so hard to see her so sick and feeling so miserable. Hope she is better tomorrow.


more pictures

Darron is engaged!

Saturday morning Darron bought Laceys ring and by the time he was home he was so nervouse that he was shaking. He had all kinds of different ways that he would have liked to ask her.... candle light dinner..... treasure hunt..... Police arrest and then have her handcuffed to him and ask her if she would be his partner for eternity ( but, that might scare maddi and he couldn't have that.) ......easter eggs all over the lawn with clues and thoughts in each one of all the things he loved about her...... but, he was so nervouse we knew that he wouldn't last another hour ! so, we helped him go and decorate up the rental house that they will be living in after they get married. It belongs to Laceys parents and they are working on fixing things up right now it was empty. Darron made arrangements for Laceys mom to bring Madison over when Lacey was off to pick up some needed chips for dinner that really werent needed. but, one way to get her out of the house. Rose petals sprinkled over the floor and candles lit and placed all over the living room and 2 dozen roses in a vase and a cream teddy bear with matching pink ribbon for Madi arranged so that it was romantic. Darron texed Lacey to come over to the rental so that he could show her something and when she opened the door she was shoked and surprised! Darron got down on one knee with Maddi on one side and the ring in the other hand and asked her if she would marry him. and she said..... yes! Moms and Dads with big smiles and tears in eyes. here are some of the pictures taken.... Congratulations to Darron and Lacey and Maddi.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Carley had her birthday!

We went to Carley's 4th birthday party last night. She had a My little Pony party and it was really cute. Cassi always does such a wonderful job and goes all out for the girls. Carley was all smiles and is growing up so fast here are a few of the pictures that she took for her 4th birthday. We love you Carley...Happy birthday!
I don't know why I try and do a Blog when I seem to never find the time to get on and update. Sometimes my life seems so busy that I don't know if I am coming or going.
Since I last posted Jerry has had his Gall bladder out and has recovered wonderfully, I have had surgery on my wrist where they removed a Cyst that is not cancer! Yes! and released some tendons. I found out that I have 6 tendons attached to my thumb...weird! I found out that I can eat left handed even though I still miss my mouth occationally. I can't wait to be able to have my right hand in working order. I have a month to recover from this surgery and it seems like it is going in slow motion. We sure take things for granted until we don't have them.
Lindsey is scheduled to have her Gall bladder out on the 31st of March-and after that she will be having her knee worked on. It must be the year for the Bradford family to support all those working in the Medical field!
Darron has been Layed off of his Job once again and is looking for another one. Shalese is due on the 16th of May. She has been doing well. Starting to look really pregnant and feeling it too. She is starting to have alot of swelling and I hope that she doesn't get toxemia. We will be having a Baby shower for her on the 18th of April. Its a Boy if you didn't already know. That will make 4 girls and 3 boys with this one. We love being Grandparents!
Well, I should get something done today. so, until next time......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newest Pictures

Lyndi's 1st Birthday Kayden 4 Months Old