Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy life we have!

Here is the update....Jerry had his Gall bladder out, Then I had my surgery on my wrist to have a cyst removed and tendens released. as soon as I was recovered enough Linsey had her Gall bladder removed along with her appendix. While all this is going Mom has a car accident! In the Hospital for 2 weeks-broken Leg, broken ribs, bleeding kidney, whiplashed neck, bruises and bruises and more bruises on top of bruises! She will live and I am so grateful that she survived! Then Darrons Fiance's little girl Madison ends up in the hospital the same day as Lindseys surgery with pnemonia! Brandon called Yesterday to tell me he was in the Emergency room with some kind of reaction from his work where his heart slowed down so slow that he wasn't getting enough oxigen and he kept trying to pass out trying to come home from work! No phone on him! He will be ok! Darron had an ultrasound today!.... Maybe his Gall bladder? and the lesson that I was given to teach for Sunday is......Come what may. and Love it! All about adversity and making the best of what happens in our lives. I am doing great! Life is good! Why? because Everyone is alive and doing pretty good considering what could be happening! The sun was shining today! It may rain. but, the grass will be greener and the flowers bigger! right! We have so much to look forward too. Live , learn and be happy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lindsey-Having surgery! Grandma doing better.

Lindsey will be having her Gall bladder out tomorrow. (Thursday) The Dr. said she might have to have her Appendix out too. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and she will be recovering fast.

Grandma is doing better. She may be going into rehab today. Where they will be helping her get more mobile. She is holding her own and doing better even with all of the pain. We will let you know when and where sometime today.