Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Baby has arrived!!!!

Yes! Cru Carpenter Cope has finally arrived! Shalese and Casey are loving this new and crazy adventure of being new parents.
I never get tired of holding and loving any of my grandchildren! He is so tiny and such a good baby! The one thing that he does that is funny is he squeaks sometimes when you pick him up.
He has a head of hair that looks like it needs to be cut.
I am so grateful that Shalese was able to come through this experience safely and that Cru is healthy and strong. After 8 weeks of bed rest and a bad case of Toxemia and retaining so much water She was grateful that they were finally going to do something about it. The delivery was not a good experience! Shalese ended up having to be started, then having her water broke she had to have the epidural done 3 times ending up with only half of her body numb finally the 4th time it worked. She had monitors inside her and on the outside and then ending up having a C-section after Cru's heart started to show stress and she wouldn't dilate any more than a 5! He was 7 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long and will celebrate his birthday on the 12th of May from now on.
The Doctors said that he looked like he was over due about a week to two weeks.
We are grateful that they have the medical knowledge and the skills now to help mothers who need it. and Especially grateful to a loving Father in Heaven who heard this mothers prayers!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3rd- Sunday

Sunday! Here again! Can you believe how fast time goes. I don't seem to keep up any more! Before you know it Darron will be getting married! Its just about here! I have so much to do........... I won't even start a list- I know that I won't get through it all! Shalese is down to any day now to have the baby! She has been fighting toxemia for about 6 weeks now. Sometimes she can't even bend her fingers she is so swollen. Flip Flops are all she can get on her feet. I hope the baby will be here soon. Last night I had a dream that she went into labor and didn't even know it. I checked on her and the baby was already on its way here...... I had to deliver it and couldn't find the blue bulb that sucks out the mucus. This better not happen! She had better make it to the hospital! Jerry and Darron are going to lake powel and I told Jerry he had better not go or she will go into labor while they are gone. You watch and that will happen!!!!
We have Darrons friend living with us. Mike- Yesterday Mike and Megan went to the mall to see the drawing on who would win the 50 thousand dollar wedding from Allysa's bridal. Guess what they won!!!! They get to have a 50 thousand dollar wedding for free! Lucky kids!
Life keeps on surprising us... You never know what will happen next. Hopefully they are good things that happen and adventures that mold us into better people and make great memories. Hope your adventures in the near future are good ones. Lynette.